The pre-construction process dedicates time and resources to the client, architect, engineer, as well the city planner to help the client get the best quality building to meet their budget.

General Construction

LaMonica Custom Builders provides the experience, knowledge and supervision needed to ensure precise craftsmanship not only from its employees, but subcontractors and suppliers as well.

New Construction

Because Joe and his crew get to know their clients, the true personality of the owner is reflected in every aspect of the new home, from the design, to the quality, to the materials.

Remodels/Room Additions

Blending in the old with the new is the most important part of a remodel/room addition. It takes a lot of effort and pride to make it all look like it was always part of the house.

Small Commercial Projects

LaMonica Custom Builders has experience in small commercial projects, whether its new construction from the ground up, gutting the inside, or minor improvements to improve the look or function.